Hospital da Luz Ophthalmology with Strong Participation in World Congress

Hospital da Luz Lisboa Ophthalmology Service had strong participation in the World Ophthalmology Congress, that took place in Barcelona, between 16 and 19 June. The research work by ophthalmologist Rita Dinis da Gama was even considered one of the 50 best papers presented at the congress. 

This was the 36th World Congress of Ophthalmology, gathering about 10 thousand professionals in the area, coming from all over the world. Hospital da Luz Lisboa’s team included Filomena Ribeiro, director of the Ophthalmology Service, Bernardo Feijó, Rita Dinis da Gama and Sofia Filipe (surgical nurse), having made nine conferences by request of the event’s organization. They also moderated and organized symposiums on presbyopia surgery, biometry, cataract surgery complications and strabismus and a discussion workshop on complex cases.

Moreover, they presented three research papers developed at Hospital da Luz Lisboa: “Different calculators’ predictability to minimize astigmatism”, “Internal retinal layers in megalopapila assessed by optical coherence tomography” and “Long-term effect of botulinum toxin in precocious and tardive exotropia”. This last work, focused on the use of botulinum toxin in the treatment of child strabismus, by Rita Dinis da Gama and the technician Joana Costa, was considered one of the “50 Outstanding Papers” presented at the congress.

In the photo above, Filomena Ribeiro and Sofia Filipe.