Luz Saúde Ophthalmology in Congress of Implant Refractive Surgery

The Congress of Portuguese Implant Refractive Surgery (CIRP) took place in Santa Eulália, between 24 and 26 May, being organized by Filomena Ribeiro, director of the Ophthalmology Service from Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

This is the most important national gathering of specialists in the field, having registered a strong presence of Luz Saúde professionals – such as ophthalmology physicians and nurses from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Hospital da Luz Oeiras –, who presented communications and moderated debates. The physician Tiago Ferreira received the award “Portugal lá fora” for the papers he has presented in international meetings.

In the photo above, Tiago Ferreira receiving the award, delivered by Filomena Ribeiro and Walter Rodrigues, organizers of the congress and coordinators of the groups of Implant Refractive and Cornea Surgery, respectively.