Hospital da Luz Lisboa Ophthalmologists in RTP and SIC

Joana Couceiro, Paulo Guerra and Rita Dinis da Gama, ophthalmologists at Hospital da Luz, participated last two weeks in television programs and health segments at the Portuguese channels RTP and SIC, dedicated to the clarification of doubts related with eye and vision problems.

Paulo Guerra, ophthalmologic specialist at Hospital da Luz Clínica da Amadora, participated in the program “Juntos à Tarde”, at SIC channel, last August 3rd, in a segment dedicated to Peters anomaly – a rare disease, resulting from malformation, that affects the cornea and iris (uncappable to allow light to go through) and causes extensive visual reduction and blindness of one or both eyes. Paulo Guerra explained that the only treatment for this pathology is corneal transplantation, as early in life as possible.

Joana Couceiro, in “Edição da Manhã” of July 21st at SIC Notícias Channel, commented one of the topics of the day: according to data reported by the World Health Organization, 10% of skin cancer affects eyelids. This specialist explained how the disease is manifested and what to do in terms of prevention – namely, protect the eyes with 100% UV protection sunglasses and wear wide brim hats.

Finally, Rita Dinis da Gama participated in the weekly program on health “Diga Doutor”, at RTP1, broadcasted on July 22nd, which was dedicated to the more frequent eye and vision diseases in children.