Hospital da Luz Ophthalmologists get Diploma in France

Rita Dinis da Gama and Bernardo Feijóo, ophthalmologists at Hospital da Luz, obtained last October the diploma of course conclusion by Université Imagerie et Pathologie Retinéenne (University of Retinal Pathology and Imaging), that both attended between November 2014 and September 2015.

The course in question, ministered at the Faculty of Medicine of Diderot University, in Paris, is an accredited training organized by the Service of Ophthalmology of Lariboisière Hospital (Paris), with the purpose of improving the diagnosis quality of retinal diseases, based on the interpretation of fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography, laser scanning ophthalmoscopy and optical coherence tomography. Also approached are the concepts of physiology, electrophysiology, pathology and genetics of each pathology and respective indications and medical treatment results, laser and surgical. This course, ministered by the most prestigious ophthalmologists interested in retinal pathology, such as professors Alain Gaudric, Pascale Massin, Michel Paques, José Alain Sahel and Ramin Tadayoni, comprised 130 hours extended over a school year, including five seminars of three days each, 20 hours of practical training and final evaluation.

Rita Dinis da Gama and Bernardo Feijóo integrated a class of 40 students (all ophthalmologists), being the only foreign participants. These two ophthalmologists are part of Hospital da Luz Ophthalmologic Service since 2008, performing approximately 1500 retinal exams a year.

This is another example of Hospital da Luz investment in the differentiated training of its professionals, representing a gain in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal pathology.