Ordem dos Médicos confers Medal of Merit to Professor Dinis da Gama

Américo Dinis da Gama, physician and vascular surgeon at Hospital da Luz and university professor, was honoured by Ordem dos Médicos in a special session of the National Congress of Medicine, held on November 26-28, in Oporto.

The Professor was distinguished with de Medal of Merit of Ordem dos Médicos, an honour reserved to physicians who by associative and/or scientific activity and personal merit have contributed relevantly for the recognition of the profession, of medicine in general and of humanity. At the occasion, his contribution to Medicine was emphasized as an example for all Portuguese physicians.

Dinis da Gama integrates the nucleus of specialists in Vascular Surgery of Hospital da Luz, since its inauguration in 2007, assuming the functions of coordinator of Vascular Surgery in 2012. He is the author of the book «Casos Clínicos do Hospital da Luz», presently in its seventh edition, published between 2008 and 2015.