Hospital da Luz Arrábida Orthopaedist in World Spine 8 Organization

Maia Gonçalves, Hospital da Luz Arrábida orthopaedist and specialist in spinal column pathology, was one of the organizers of World Spine 8, a congress of the World Spinal Column Society, that took place in Oporto, between 13 and 18 April.

Besides integrating the local organizing committee of the event, Maia Gonçalves was also speaker, invited by the Brazilian Spinal Column Society. In his communication, he approached the latest technical and therapeutic developments in youth scoliosis surgery.

Among the speakers and participants in the clinical debates of this international congress were also neurosurgeons Álvaro Lima, Carla Reizinho and Miguel Casimiro, from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Oeiras.

It is worth noticing that Hospital da Luz network counts with a series of specialists in orthopaedics and neurosurgery highly differentiated in column pathology.

At Hospital da Luz Arrábida, for instance, a team of largely experienced orthopaedists perform regularly column surgical procedures, resorting to the latest equipment available both in the operating unit and in intensive care. Maia Gonçalves, who integrates this team, also practices in Hospital da Luz Póvoa de Varzim.