Hospital da Luz Orthopaedist Explains in SIC Channel How to Have Healthy Feet

Manuel Resende Sousa, coordinator of the Unit of Foot and Ankle from Hospital da Luz and orthopaedist at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, was a special guest in the TV show “Dr. Saúde”, at SIC Channel, broadcasted on May 23.

The specialist explained how to care for healthy feet, the origin of the diseases that affect them and forms of treatment.

“Many diseases of the feet start in the shoes we wear. Usually, the best looking do the worst”, he began by alerting. Very high heels “imply an overload in the front of the foot, originating calluses”, and pointy shoes “may cause deformities”, as they contradict the natural shape of feet. In what concerns the ideal height for shoes, “it depends on each individual: some people wear high heels all their life without presenting foot complaints, while others have complaints even wearing flat shoes”, stated Manuel Resende de Sousa, recommending however not to exceed 2 inches or to use platform shoes, for they palliate the difference of height between the back and the front of the shoe.

In any case, to reduce the height and chose shoes less pointy are the best way to prevent lesions, such as calluses and bunions. The orthopaedist recommends to wear “comfortable shoes” in the way to work and then, if needed, switch to high heels for special and formal occasions.

Manuel Resende Sousa also explained in which situations it is necessary to resort to surgery to correct bunions.

You can watch his participation in the TV show, here (minute 14)