Orthopaedist Paulo Rego Research Distinguished in Specialty Magazine

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (American), the orthopaedics magazine with higher scientific impact factor worldwide in 2016/2017, published a paper by Paulo Rego (coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Orthopaedics Service) and Vasco Mascarenhas (coordinator of the Musculoskeletal Imaging Unit, of the same hospital), on the arterial vascularisation of the femoral head.

The research – entitled “Arterial Topographic Anatomy Near the Femoral Head-Neck Perforation with Surgical Relevance” – was elected as the Editor’s Choice from July.

The topography of the small (millimetric) arteria that feed the femoral head is one of the most relevant aspects in surgery for hip joint preservation, in arthroscopy, as well as in more advanced biological reconstructive surgical techniques, in children and young people.

The research published establishes, for the first time, the exact location of deep vascular structures, concerning the femoral head covering cartilage, allowing to reduce significantly the risk of lesion of the arterial vascular network, during surgical procedures.

“The details described in the study conducted by Dr Rego will help hip arthroscopic technicians, presently and in the future, to treat labral and cartilage lesions associated to femoroacetabular conflict more safely”, highlights Marc Swiontkowski, the magazine editor. 

The paper and respective editor comment were published in the 2017 July 19th edition of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (American).