Pedro Aragão Opens Congress of Specialists in Cardiac Robotic Navigation

Pedro Aragão, cardiologist and coordinator of the Cardiac Rhythm Centre from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, opened, the annual congress of the Portuguese Society for Cardiac Robotic Navigation (SCRN), taking place until tomorrow in the auditorium of this unit.

Szili Torok, of the SCRN board of directors, acknowledged the collaboration from Hospital da Luz, as host of this meeting dedicated to the discussion of “The future of robotic technologies in cardiology”.

In this first day of congress, the over 60 participants – not only doctors, but also engineers and researchers interested in the field, and coming from all over the world – had the opportunity to follow-up a catheter ablation in a patient with atrial fibrillation, performed in this hospital.

The Cardiac Rhythm Centre from Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the only one in Portugal and among the three most experienced centres in Europe, in the application of stereotaxy for the treatment of complex cardiac arrhythmia – namely the most common one, atrial fibrillation –, having already done over two thousand interventions, since its inauguration in April 2007.