Isolated limb perfusion in the Hospital da Luz

The Hospital da Luz performed an isolated limb perfusion chemotherapy for the first time on November 28. The intervention aimed to save a limb of a young patient with multi recurrent and unresectable fibrosarcoma of the left popliteal fossa, which had a prior indication for amputation. The procedure was completed in four hours and twenty minutes with no complications. The patient was discharged on the fifth day of hospitalization.

The surgical team, led by Vitor Farricha, general surgeon, who focuses on surgery for melanomas, sarcomas and breast surgery, also included physicians Rui Casaca and Rodrigo Oom (General Surgery), Nuno Rodrigues (Anesthesiology) and Cristina Lowenthal and Vanessa Sousa (Molecular Medicine), in addition to the nurses and operating room technicians and members of the Department of Molecular Medicine and Pharmaceutical Services at the Hospital da Luz.