Hospital da Luz Pneumologist on Benfica TV

Sofia Furtado, physician coordinator of the Pneumology Service at Hospital da Luz, was interviewed in BTV program «Em Linha», broadcasted on January 28 on SL Benfica TV channel.

A great part of the program was dedicated to smoking cessation, the physician having approached the importance of prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases caused by tobacco use, before talking about the smoking cessation multidisciplinary consultation available in the Pneumology Service of Hospital da Luz.

In this consultation, involving pneumologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and nutritionists, among other health professionals, besides the detection of respiratory diseases, the motivation of smokers to quit smoking is potentiated and reinforced.

Sofia Furtado also had the chance to answer questions posed by viewers, emphasizing aspects concerning the organization and competencies of the Pneumology Service of Hospital da Luz, stressing the interconnection with other medical and surgical specialties in order to guarantee the best treatment and follow-up of patients.