Hospital da Luz Associated Physicians have an Exclusive Portal

The Associated Physicians from Hospital da Luz network have now available an exclusive access portal to Luz Saúde Group hospitals and clinics:

The Associated Physicians Program was conceived to improve coordination in healthcare providing and is exclusively destined to physicians practicing outside Hospital da Luz network. The portal now created gives access to the Group network units, namely their respective health services and professionals. Functioning in network with resource to a digital platform allows a more efficient and professional organization, with benefits for the associated doctor and his patients.

After registering in the portal, the associated physician will be able to request consultation appointments and exams directly. The teams that manage the Associated Physicians Program at each unit, composed of managers and doctors, will accompany those requests permanently, making sure that the patient is received by the most adequate service and specialist, set up the appointments and contact clients. Afterwards, they hand the associated physician clinical information resulting from the medical acts provided, in a faster and more systematized way, through the portal (with previous authorisation from the patient).

It is worth mentioning that Hospital da Luz Associated Physicians Program also allows these professionals to access Luz Saúde network training and knowledge updating sessions, as well as the library and other medical decision supporting tools, daily available for Hospital da Luz network doctors.

For more information on Associated Physicians Program:

The program coordinating teams of Hospital da Luz network units are also available to provide any clarification necessary.