‘Portuguese Population Must Learn to Recognize Symptoms of Cardiovascular Disease’

Cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death in Portugal, but “less than 10% of the population can recognize symptoms of cardiac insufficiency, for instance”, stressed José Ferreira Santos, clinical director of Hospital da Luz Setúbal and secretary-general of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, in TV show “Diário da Manhã”, at TVI Channel. To provide the Portuguese population of more information on the symptoms of heart diseases and, thus, reduce the high rate of mortality associated are the objectives of the campaign “Corações Capazes” (Competent Hearts), now launched by the Portuguese Society of Cardiology.

It is not sufficient to have a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases: “We must all be able to recognize the symptoms of these diseases and call for immediate medical assistance”, added José Ferreira Santos. And he gave examples: “Shortness of breath when climbing stairs, edema in lower limbs, nocturnal cough and breathing difficulty are symptoms that the majority does not recognize as early signs of cardiac insufficiency”.

Watch the intervention of José Ferreira Santos