Machado Macedo Award for Hospital da Luz Lisboa

A work of the Service of Thoracic Surgery from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, directed by Fernando Martelo, obtained the award Prémio Nacional Manuel Eugénio Machado Macedo 2017, granted by the Portuguese Society of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (SPCCTV).

The work entitled “The first 24 pulmonary robotic surgeries at Hospital da Luz Lisboa” was presented by João Eurico Reis, thoracic surgeon of this unit, during the annual congress of this Society, which took place on November 24-26.

The first pulmonary robotic surgery, at Hospital da Luz, was performed in 2016 June 2.
In the paper now presented, there is a detailed analysis of cases and respective results, all of them positive.

The award Manuel Eugénio Machado Macedo is destined to distinguish the best work presented in SPCCTV congresses, in the scope of cardiothoracic surgery.