1st Ophthalmologic Surgery Simulation Courses in Portugal

The Simulation Centre from Hospital da Luz Learning Health will organize, in March and April, four simulation courses in ophthalmologic surgery, namely cataract surgery and vitreoretinal surgery. These will be the first simulation courses organized in Portugal in the area, destined to internists and specialists.

Clinical simulation is an interactive and innovating educational methodology that views to enhance knowledge, clinical performance and levels of confidence of students and professionals in the area of health, in an attempt to answer the challenges facing actual medical education. In fact, training based on simulation provides learning in a safe, realistic and predictable environment, without putting the patient at risk.

The first course – Cataract Basic Course – takes place next 22 and 23 March, for internists of 1st and 2nd years of specialization. The Cataract Advanced Course and Vitreoretinal Surgery Basic Course (destined to specialists and internists of 3rd year and further) will take place on March 30 and 5, 6 April, respectively.

On March 29, a Video Symposium on Complex Cataract Surgery is scheduled, with the support of main international courses in cataract surgery. Through videoconference and interaction with the audience, this will be an opportunity to present and discuss surgical cases with foreign guests, such as Robert Osher (USA), Ike Ahmed (Canada), Guadalupe Cervantes (Mexico), Luis Escaf (Colombia), Gerardo Valvecchia (Argentina), Fernando Soler (Spain) and Oscar Asis (Spain).

The direction of these courses will be ensured by Filomena Ribeiro, the director of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Service of Ophthalmology, and the coordination will be ensured by Rita Dinis da Gama, ophthalmologist from the same unit, counting with training sessions involving the participation of all elements of this service.

Hospital da Luz Learning Health is a Grupo Luz Saúde company dedicated to training, research and innovation.

Program and enrolment