“Programa da Manhã”, on Rádio Comercial, Learns “How to Save Lives” with Hospital da Luz

Hospital da Luz Learning Health team was, this morning in the radio show “Programa da Manhã”, on Rádio Comercial, and gave training on Basic Life Support to Pedro Ribeiro, Vasco Palmeirim, Vera Fernandes and Nuno Markl.

On October 16, when the European Restart a Heart Day is celebrated, cardiologist Daniel Ferreira and nurse Miguel Valente taught what to do to help someone in case of emergency.

Thus, the team of the radio show “Programa da Manhã” had the opportunity to learn how to identify cardiorespiratory arrest and how to apply the most basic reanimation manoeuvres.

Hospital da Luz professionals left an important message, broadcasted by the team of “Programa da Manhã”, on Comercial: everyone can learn and everyone should learn. To know how to do these manoeuvres can save lives.

Cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death in Portugal and in the world. But 80% of deaths can be avoid, if everyone knows how to help save victims of cardiorespiratory arrest.

Come learn with us, today, at Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

In the scope of the initiative “Community saves lives”, teams from Hospital da Luz Learning Health will give training to all interested in learning the Basic Life Support manoeuvres, between 11:30 and 16:30.

Join us.

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