ERAS® Program at HBA Distinguished in European Congress

The clinical and economic results of ERAS® Program at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo received special mention in the 27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM), which took place in Cascais, between 26 and 28 September last.

Subordinated to the theme “Redefine the role of hospitals – Innovate in the health of population”, the congress gathered about 1.200 participants, among physicians, administrators and hospital managers from all over Europe. The purpose was to share with decision-makers, leaders, researchers and managers in the area, the visions, ideas and initiatives that may contribute to surmount challenges and generate opportunities in health systems management.

The congress organization, ensured by the Portuguese Association of Hospital Managers, selected over 40 communications, divided into five categories: patient centricity, healthcare integration, innovative models of healthcare providing, sustainability and management matters.

In the end, the congress assigned a first distinction and two special mentions – one of which to the paper elaborated by Francisco Mota, from Hospital Beatriz Ângelo Executive Board and one of the responsibles for ERAS® Project at Grupo Luz Saúde, and by Paulo Costa, HBA Operation Direction Manager.

ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) is a multidisciplinary program, based on evidence and focussed on the patient, with the purpose of reducing complications and enhancing recovery after surgery, which implies a change of attitude in the approach to patients and in the management of disease. The communication presented by Francisco Mota and Paulo Costa – entitled “Clinical and economic evaluation of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery multisite implementation program for colorectal surgery in HBA” – intended to show the importance and benefits of this program implementation in a Portuguese hospital.