Raquel Gil-Gouveia presents new discoveries in the area of migraines

Raquel Gil-Gouveia, neurologist and coordinator of Hospital da Luz’s headache center, presented results of an investigation of the effects of migraine crisis without aura on cognitive function, a study involving investigators from the Hospital da Luz and the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa, in the International Headache Congress which took place in Boston from 27th and 30th of June.

The results of this investigation, obtained from 24 patients submitted to various neuropsychological tests while headache free, and then again during an untreated migraine, suggest that some cognitive functions, like learning and attention, are significantly diminished during these crises, but recover during headache free phases.

The authors suggest the study supports the importance of addressing the cognitive complaints of patients with migraines without aura considering that they may not maintain their usual intellectual performance during these crises, and furthermore consider the possibility for incapacity in frequent sufferers of migrane headaches. The investigators are now planning to advance their study by performing functional cerebral imaging exams during migraine crises in order to evaluate brain activity.

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