Screening: about 100 Persons with Vertigo and Dizziness Problems

Hospital da Luz Setúbal received, along the week from October 16-20, 125 persons, who did a free screening for balance, vertigo and dizziness problems.

About 75% failed in the dynamic posturography test – indicating otorhinolaryngologic problems –, while the rest of the sample passed the test.

Vertigo is one of the most frequent complaints in otorhinolaryngology consultation: it is estimated that about 20% of individuals between 18-65 years of old have already had a period of balance disturbance, and 30% of those maintain these complaints after a year.

About half of the people who did the screening at Hospital da Luz Setúbal accepted the recommendation to schedule a follow-up appointment.

The screening was performed by a clinical team including Rosa Castilho Ramos (otorhinolaryngologist), Cristina Martins (assistant), Patrícia Ferreira and Ivone Correia (technicians).