Recital Marks European Migraine Day of Action

Clients and collaborators from Hospital da Luz Lisboa had the opportunity to attend, yesterday at lunch time, a harp and violin recital by the chamber music duet, Nuance.

This was one of the initiatives organized by the Migraine and Headache Centre from this hospital to mark the European Migraine Day of Action, a disease that is the sixth leading cause of disability worldwide and which is widely underestimated.

The musical recital by Zofia Pajak (violin) and Emanuela Nicoli (harp) intended to raise attention to the importance of making a pause at the end of a working day, as a form to relax and prevent migraine.

But throughout the day, other initiatives took place at the hospital, near the auditorium. The medical team of the Migraine and Headache Centre – Raquel Gil Gouveia (coordinator), Elsa Parreira and Inês Brás Marques – gave information on the disease to all interested. In the auditorium, physiotherapist from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre talked to the public, explaining some physical exercises everyone can do and rules that everyone should adopt to prevent headache and/or alleviate its effects.

For instance, physiotherapist João Félix and marco Branco explained the importance of good posture, when working several hours in sitting position and described errors we all commit day after day and which cause muscle tension of the face, neck and shoulders, overloading the cervical spine and originating migraines. He also gave examples of exercises we all should do at least once or twice along the day, namely stretching to relax and strengthen the cervical muscles.