Rino-Arrábida 2019: a Key Rhinoplasty Course

Hospital da Luz Arrábida organizes, next 25, 26 and 27 January, the third edition of Rino-Arrábida – a rhinoplasty course with a strong practical component, destined to specialists in otorhinolaryngology, plastic and maxillofacial surgery, that has registered a high level of adherence from professionals in the area.

Organized since 2014 by Rui Xavier and Ferreira Moreira, otorhinolaryngologists from Hospital da Luz Arrábida, the course counts with the presence of renowned national and international specialists, who will share their experiences – among them, surgeons Eduardo Yap (Metropolitan Medical Centre, Manila, Philippines), Emre Ilhan (Dr Emre Ilhan Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey), Regan Thomas (Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, USA) and Roxana Cobo (Imbanaco Medical Centre, Cali, Colombia). Portuguese surgeons Carlos Neves, Diogo Carmo, João Bacelar, Lídia Guimarães, Rui Xavier and Sousa Vieira complete the panel of specialists.

Rhinoplasty and its techniques, nasal tip, deviated nose, nasal septum and nasal dorsum are some of the themes to be approached in the theoretical part of Rino-Arrábida, which will take place at Hotel Ipanema Park, in Oporto. In the practical sessions, the demonstration of rhinoplasty techniques and corpse dissection will be performed (taking place at ICBAS – Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar).


Program and enrolment