Robotic vs laparoscopy in general surgery

The symposium dedicated to minimally invasive and robotic surgery under Leaping Forward – the international medical congress taking place at Hospital da Luz until the 19th - ended today with a discussion on the impact of this surgical approach on the bariatric and hepatobiliopancreatic diseases.

The experience drawn from over 15 years of experience and ten thousand cases of obese and diabetic patients by Brazilian surgeon Almino Ramos and the results achieved, comparatively more positive with robotic surgery, marked the start of the sessions.

Spanish surgeon António Ramos compared laparoscopic to robotic surgery in this area, and concluded that robotic surgery is more appropriate for the most complex cases, although he did not rule out the possibility that laparoscopy could be required. An opinion which Keith Kim - the surgeon introduced as a mentor to all of those attending the session and one of the World's top names when it comes to robotic surgery - subscribed to during his presentation.

Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti, the Italian surgeon working in the United States, followed with a paper on the use of robots in liver surgery, namely when collecting a portion of the liver from a living donor for transplantation.

The symposium on robotic surgery ended with a lively debate about some of the theses supported by Brazilian surgeon Almino Ramos, among others.