Rosado Pinto Presents CPLP Project for Respiratory Disease

José Rosado Pinto, coordinator of the Immunoallergology Service from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and national coordinator of Global Alliance against Respiratory Diseases, participated in the general meeting of this organization, which took place between 9 and 11 November, in Brussels, at the Belgian Academy of Medicine.

The immunoallergologist presented at the gathering the project of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), in the scope of GARD.

GARD is an alliance of national and international entities in the area of respiratory disease, created in 2006 with the support of the World Health Organization.

The creation of GARD CPLP was acknowledged by the delegates present at the general meeting and obtained the support of the Alliance executive commission: “GARD CPLP intends to motivate the collaboration between all countries in the support of professionals, reinforcing the fight against respiratory disease, in articulation with the proposals presented in the Document of Revision of CPLP Strategic Plan of Cooperation, namely in Tuberculosis Network”, explained Rosado Pinto, in an interview to the Just News edition.

On the other hand, in this general meeting of the Alliance, Portugal was distinguished for the presentation of one of the five best posters, among the 26 considered.

“The Portuguese thematic focused on the main measures of the National Program for Respiratory Disease by the Directorate-General of Health, entity that GARD Portugal represents internationally”, clarified Rosado Pinto, who presented the poster.