Rosário Vieira Evaluates Works for EANM Next Congress

The coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Molecular Medicine Service, Maria do Rosário Vieira, is one of the scientific reviewers of the works to be presented at the next congress of EANM – the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.

The EANM congress will take place this year, in Barcelona, in October, and is the most important medical reunion of the specialty in Europe, gathering experts from all over the world.

Once again invited to participate as reviewer, the Hospital da Luz physician will be part of the team that will select the best and more relevant papers and posters, with decisive weight in the scientific and medical importance of the October congress.

Maria do Rosário Vieira is coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Molecular Medicine Service, having occupied the position of president of the Portuguese Society of Nuclear Medicine for several years, is a member of the organizing and scientific commission and reviewer of works presented at multiple national and international congresses. Moreover, she is author and co-author of a hundred articles in indexed scientific national and international publications, and of more than 500 scientific communications at national and international medical meetings.