Rui Maio at the Hospital da Luz

Professor Rui Maio, general surgeon, is the new Coordinator of the Pancreatic and Esophageal-Gastro-Duodenal Centers integrated into the Oncology Unit at the Hospital da Luz, and is also responsible for two new consultations - pancreatic surgery and esophagus-gastro-duodenal surgery, which will be available from May 27 every Wednesday. 

Rui Maio is Clinical Director, Director of the Department of Surgery and Director of the Department of General Surgery at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo in Loures (a public hospital operated in a public-private partnership scheme by Luz Saúde) and Invited Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Nova de Lisboa UNiversity, and Curricular Unit Coordinator for Surgery, for the sixth year of the Master in Medicine.

Rui Maio has extensive surgical practice, having carried out over 6,000 procedures in his career, his preferred areas of interest being the treatment of cancer of the esophagus, stomach and pancreas, as well as kidney transplants.

More information from the Secretariat of the Oncology Center (217 104 400, ext. 14045) or by e-mail centro.oncologia@hospitaldaluz