Over a Thousand People Trained BLS at Cardiology Congress with the Support of Hospital da Luz

Over a thousand people gathered, last April 27, on the rooftop of Centro de Congressos de Vilamoura, in the Algarve, where the 2019 National Congress of Cardiology took place, and for half an hour they participated simultaneously in a Basic Life Support training (BLS), thus learning the importance of knowing how to act when life is at risk.

“Coração nas mãos” (Heart in Hands) is the name of the campaign launched by the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, that organized this mass training session, viewing to raise awareness of the population to the learning of Basic Life Support manoeuvres.

This initiative, integrated in the Portuguese Congress of Cardiology, its organizing committee being presided by Hospital da Luz Lisboa’s cardiologist, Daniel Ferreira, counted with the support of Hospital da Luz, that joins the Portuguese Society of Cardiology in the diffusion of this campaign’s message.

To know what to do in a situation of cardiorespiratory arrest and act correctly in the early instants, may save the life of someone at risk.

Presently, about 32 persons per day are victims of sudden death in Portugal. However, a few actions would suffice to reduce these sombre numbers.

To learn BLS is a duty and a right of every single one of us.

The event was followed-up by several media, including RTP TV Channel.

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