Hospital da Luz Services Certified by ISO 9001:2015

In the scope of the certification projects of services and units from Grupo Luz Saúde, the process of external auditing by Bureau Veritas Certification was concluded to the Imaging Centres from Hospital da Luz units in Amadora, Aveiro, Lisboa, Oiã, Oeiras and Setúbal, and to Lithotripsy at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, which are now certified by norm NP ISO 9001:2015.

The Imaging Service from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, Oeiras and Amadora, together with the service of Lithotripsy, are certified since 2015 by norm NP EN ISO 9001:2008. In 2017, an extension was made in the scope of the certification to Aveiro, Oiã and Setúbal, allowing to promote synergies between units and the consequent harmonisation of practice. In 2018, the services proposed the transition of their certification to the 2015 version of norm NP EN ISO 9001, which considers new evaluation requirements, namely risk approach, that are considered the strength of the system implemented by the certifying authority, Bureau Veritas.

The above referred services are now certified in the scope of diagnosis complementary exams and therapeutics in the respective area of intervention, including bone densitometry, echography, lithotripsy, mammography, orthopantomography and cephalometry, general and fluoroscopic radiology, magnetic resonance (MR) and computer tomography (CT).

The certification of services has been a central goal of Grupo Luz Saúde. Thus promoting constant upgrading in terms of quality patterns and standards, as well as synergies and transposal of best practice, in order to provide the best services to clients in all Hospital da Luz units.