High-tech Clinical and Surgical Simulators in Exhibition at Hospital da Luz

Hospital da Luz Learning Health Simulation Centre will exhibit, from 12 to 14 November, seven simulators for clinical and surgical practical training. The exhibition, at the entrance of Hospital da Luz Lisboa auditorium, is open to the general public and especially designed for health professionals who may want to try the simulators, all of them integrating the latest technology in the area.

In exhibition, there will be the Pediatric HAL®, by Gaumard, recently acquired by the Simulation Centre of Hospital da Luz Learning Health, the Grupo Luz Saúde company dedicated to education, research and innovation. The Pediatric HAL® – the world’s most advanced pediatric simulator, being the first of the kind in Europe and the second worldwide – has unique anatomical features, such as the capacity to move the eyes and manifest realistic emotions through facial expressions, gestures and speech.

The other six high-tech simulators are by Simbionix and integrate technology using virtual reality, enabling medical professionals from different specialties, nurses and health technicians to train complicated and less frequent procedures, repeatedly and at any time, optimizing the experience of learning and performing, which is a clear advantage considering the opportunities that arise in real clinical context.

They are the Lap Mentor (adequate to every surgical specialty involving laparoscopic procedures, such as General Surgery, Gynecology and Urology), the Bronch Mentor (Pulmonology, thoracic surgery and intensive care), the GI Mentor (flexible endoscopy, for Gastroenterology, General Surgery and Internal Medicine), the Angio Mentor (for the training of all kind of endovascular procedures), the Robotix Mentor (surgical specialties involving robotic procedures) and the Spine Mentor (minimally invasive surgery of the spine and Anesthesiology procedures).


Working hours: 12, 13 and 14 November, from 9h00 a.m. to 18h00 p.m.



12 november - GI Mentor, Bronch Mentor, Lap Mentor, Robotix Mentor e Pediatric HAL®

13 november - GI Mentor, Bronch Mentor, Lap Mentor, Robotix Mentor, Angio Mentor e Pediatric HAL®

14 november - Angio Mentor; Spine Mentor e Pediatric HAL®