Hospital da Luz imaging technicians involved in worldwide prototype testing for new CAT in Germany

Siemens Healthcare Global sent an invitation to the Hospital da Luz Imaging Center technical team to participate in a workshop to be held at their laboratory factory in Forchheim, Germany, where prototype software for the new CAT is being developed by the German manufacturer.

Technician Rúben Teixeira was the employee selected by the Hospital da Luz to participate in this workshop, together with other health technicians from different European countries. This is due to their extensive experience and expertise in CAT.

This invitation was made possible through a partnership between the Hospital da Luz and Siemens Medical that combines the extensive experience of the Imaging Center technical team with the innovative capabilities of Siemens Healthcare. Siemens Germany and Siemens Portugal addressed this invitation to the Hospital da Luz, so that the most experienced CT systems users could share interests, goals, difficulties and relevant day-to-day issues as users of Siemens CT equipment, thereby contributing to the development of new solutions and technological innovations.

This is another example of the strong focus on differentiated training for its professionals and on the constant development of technology.