Treatment of Singer Rebeca at Hospital da Luz in a SIC Story

SIC Channel followed up one radiotherapy session of singer Rebeca at Hospital da Luz Lisboa for breast cancer treatment. The story was broadcasted in TV show “Dr. Saúde”, on June 5, dedicated to the topic of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the most common oncologic treatments.

In the televised story, Telma Antunes, radiotherapy physician at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, explained the usual approach of this unit to such cases: “When cancer is diagnosed, the particular case is discussed in a multidisciplinary meeting, with the participation of oncology, pathological anatomy, imaging, surgery, radiotherapy and nursing professionals. The strategy of treatment is determined according to the tumour configuration”.

The 38-year-old singer, that had already received treatment for thyroid cancer by 30, stated that after the surgery she was submitted to 16 chemotherapy sessions, and now to 20 radiotherapy sessions – a treatment “viewing to reduce the risk of relapse”, added Telma Antunes.

This was “an inspiring testimony of how to deal positively with cancer and treatment”, elaborated Pedro Lopes, the TV show host, “taking advantage of Rebeca’s visibility to pass a message of support and hope to all women going through the same”.

Watch the story (entre os minutos 16 e 20)