A leap in front in shoulder joint pathology

Total arthroplasty represents a qualitative leap in managing shoulder pathology. This symposium addressed current concepts regarding the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, and presented a large number of clinical cases.


The symposium on “Shoulder future challenges and solution concepts” closed this first edition of Leaping Forward – Lisbon International Clinical Congress with a large number of clinical cases in shoulder joint pathology.

In effect, all speakers introduced an extensive list of case studies involving this anatomic region, reporting their experiences and treatment approaches, in particular total arthroplasty, which is a qualitative leap in treating shoulder joint pathology.

So, André Barros, orthopaedic surgeon at Hospital da Luz, reassured that shoulder arthroscopy is a safe procedure, as long as the surgeon is familiar with the anatomy, and it provides a full and detailed assessment of the joints involved.

Vasco Mascarenhas, radiologist at the Imaging Department of this hospital, introduced a set of MRI diagnostic cases of shoulder instability, while Emilio Calvo, director of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma and professor in Orthopaedics at the Jimenez Diaz foundation, the father of several innovative techniques, like humeral arthroscopic treatment and shoulder instability, recommended surgery as an appropriate therapy for cases of traumatic anterior shoulder instability in endurance athletes.