The evaluation and selection of suppliers and products for the Luz Saúde units are based on objective and rigorous standards to ensure a high quality service delivery and client satisfaction.

The negotiation of purchases of equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals is carried out by Central Negotiation Procurement, in order to rationalize and standardize quality and cost in all units.

For this, tender competitions are conducted specifically for each functional area or medical specialty. The tender process follows objective rules and criteria, in order to optimize  the quality / price binomial for all acquisitions. The suppliers with the highest relative importance for our units are evaluated according to the evaluation methodology practiced in the group. This evaluation is taken into account for new tenders and acquisitions.

Purchases for Luz Saúde (Hospital da Luz, Hospital do Mar, Casas da Cidade, Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora, Hospital Beatriz Ângelo) are operationalized by specific teams, which interact directly with the Central Negotiation Procurement and with the different areas in each unit.

We are demanding with our suppliers because they are our partners. We want our relationship to be solid and transparent, so we invest in tools that facilitate the communication our needs and the analysis of the offer available in the market, in particular through an e-procurement platform.

If you are already a supplier of Luz Saúde access the e-procurement platform.

If you wish to register for access to this platform, please contact the Central Negotiation Procurement (send email message).