Hospital da Luz Lisboa

Hospital da Luz Lisboa

Hospital da Luz Lisboa is committed to providing rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment through medical excellence and innovation.

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa is part of an integrated medical complex consisting of an acute care hospital and a residential hospital. The quality and experience of the clinical staff, including over 400 resident and collaborating physicians, and technological innovation, evident in the latest medical equipment and information systems, make the Hospital da Luz a model of medical excellence and innovation at the European level. Its unique architecture combining safety with comfort and the privacy of patients, complement this leadership position.

The Hospital da Luz Lisboa offers care in all medical and surgical specialties, with an emphasis on differentiated areas organized into centers of excellence such as oncology, cardiovascular diseases, gastroenterology, neurosciences, minimally invasive surgery, sports medicine and obesity. The hospital also places a great emphasis on Women and Children’s Medicine.

Since its opening, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa has become a leading reference in the sector and has greatly contributed to the recovery of the private health care offering in Portugal.  In the coming years, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa is planning to extend the capacity of existing facilities and develop a new building in the medical complex. This will offer additional space for new or restructured clinical services as well as augment the area devoted to training clinical professionals. 

The objective of Hospital da Luz (Hospital of Light) is to live up to its name: to bring light to the lives of everyone who enters the Hospital.

From 2016 Hospital da Luz is the brand that connects the Luz Saúde hospitals and clinics, from North to South of Portugal. Hospital da Luz changed its name to Hospital da Luz Lisboa.