Luz Saúde

Luz Saúde was established in 2000 and is one of the largest health care groups in the Portuguese market.

The group provides its services through 30 units (including 14 private hospitals, a hospital of the national health service operated under the Public-Private Partnership program, 13 private outpatient clinics and two senior residences), located in the North, Central and Central-South regions of Portugal Continental and in Madeira.

On February 2014, Luz Saúde became the first private company in the health sector publicly listed.
On October 2014, the Portuguese insurer Fidelidade became the majority shareholder of the company, owning the majority of the shares of Luz Saúde.

The principal strategic orientations of Luz Saúde include:

  • Development of an integrated network of healthcare providers that incorporates hospitals, outpatient clinics and specialized healthcare facilities.
  • Establishment of partnerships with the public sector through the Public-Private Partnership programme.
  • Development of specially designed residences for seniors - senior residences with services.

Mini Map
Luz Saúde
Hospital da Luz Arrábida
Hospital da Luz Aveiro
Hospital da Luz Coimbra
Hospital da Luz Guimarães
Hospital da Luz Lisboa
Hospital da Luz Oeiras
Hospital da Luz Póvoa de Varzim
Hospital da Luz Setúbal
Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa
Hospital da Luz Vila Real
Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Águeda
Hospital da Luz Clínica da Amadora
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Amarante
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Cerveira
Hospital da Luz Clínica Lagoas Park
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Odivelas
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oiã
Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto
Hospital do Mar Cuidados Especializados Gaia
Hospital do Mar Cuidados Especializados Lisboa
Casas da Cidade Carnaxide
Casas da Cidade Lisboa
Hospital Beatriz Ângelo
Clínica de Santa Catarina
Policlínica do Caniço
Idealmed Clínica Solum
Idealmed Clínica Ponte Galante
Idealmed Clínica Cantanhede
Idealmed Clínica Pombal