Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Luz Saúde is committed to social responsibility through transparency in our business activities and in the provision of healthcare services that includes the involvement of all stakeholders - employees, clients and families, suppliers and shareholders.

To fulfill our commitment to social responsibility, Luz Saúde promotes initiatives on several levels with the aim of making contributions to a healthier society and in achieving greater solidarity with people who are more vulnerable.

Examples of this are:

  • children's visits to our units, to create an early awareness of preventative health
  • free health screenings for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity
  • promoting social inclusion by decorating some of our units with the art of young people and adults with disabilities
  • production of audiovisual materials to support patients and their families
  • offering internships and conducting training for health professionals

Also as part of social responsibility, Luz Saúde collaborates with organizations that share similar objectives in the commitment to solidarity, support for the needy, support for caregivers, and in promoting dignity and autonomy of dependent people and their families.

In this respect, we highlight our collaboration with ADVITA - Association for the Development of New Initiatives for Life, in the production of two new DVD sets of training materials, that together, offer a unique and comprehensive training support to caregivers of dependant people.