Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

The shared mission of all those who work in the Luz Saúde units is embodied in how they apply best practices daily to achieve excellent results.


  • Vision

Luz Saúde vision is to be a leading healthcare provider recognized as a reference of excellence and innovation in highly specialized and complex medical care.

Luz Saúde commitment is absolute and unequivocal: to ensure the best diagnosis and medical treatment that talent, innovation and dedication can provide.

Luz Saúde offers a full range of healthcare services that ensures continuity of care and can respond to changing health needs of people throughout their lives.

  • Mission

Achieve the best health outcomes from the perspective of patients through rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment, with absolute respect for the patients individuality, and to build an organisation capable of attracting, developing and retaining exceptional people.

In order to fulfil its mission, Luz Saúde, through its employees, is committed to:

Excellence in Healthcare

› Placing the interests of patients ahead of the personal interests and of the organization.

› Adopting the highest ethical and professional standards, valuing team medicine and multidisciplinary collaboration to achieve the best health outcomes from the perspective of patients.

› Honoring patients' needs and preferences, respecting their values and involving them and the family in care decisions.

› Developing long-term relationships with our customers – patients and third party payers – based on efficacy, integrity and trust, thus contributing in an exemplary way to the economic sustainability of the healthcare system.

Technology and Innovation

› Providing the best possible healthcare that scientific and technological advances allow.

› Practicing a personalized medicine based first and foremost on the doctor's inviolable trust relationship with his patient, enhanced by advances in clinical genetics and molecular diagnostics alongside the adoption of computational medicine and data science technologies.

› Investing in state-of-the-art technology to deliver innovative treatments with scientifically proven clinical value.

› Promoting scientific research that contributes significantly to the advancement of knowledge and focuses on achieving the best outcomes for patients.

Talent and Training

› Working with the best professionals and fostering their continuous development through investment in their training and the implementation of a culture of high demand and self-improvement based on meritocracy.

› Managing an efficient, high-quality healthcare structure made up of competitive and dynamic employees who are strongly committed to the organization, to its mission and values.

› Collaborating with leading institutions in teaching and research to train the new generations of health professionals and researchers.

  • Values

Eight fundamental values lie at the core of the Luz Saúde culture:

A tireless quest for results

We are determined to achieve ambitious and measurable results in fulfilling our mission. We continue to vigorously pursue our final objectives even when we encounter difficulties and obstacles along the way.

Intellectual rigour

We force ourselves to critically examine all we do, approaching each subject and decision with rigour and sound reasoning in our search for the best ideas and solutions.

Ongoing learning

We reflect on and learn from our experience in order to improve our future performance.

Personal accountability 

We give the best of ourselves and assume responsibility for achieving the best results possible in our sphere of activity.

Respect and humbleness

We respect others and their ideas and we count on their contributions. We recognise the limitations of our experience and value other perspectives.

Positive attitude

We are ambitious in our objectives, we enthusiastically embrace new ideas and we take pride in our results.


We are honest, loyal and serious in everything we do, always mindful of our shareholders’ values and expectations and, above all, those of our customers.

Team spirit

We believe that collective effort is the best way to achieve our objectives and enhance the impact of our actions on the community.