Operating Room

Operating Room

The Operating Room at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa is exceptional in terms of the operational, physical and technological conditions it possesses.

The Operating Room includes surgical rooms equipped for all types of procedures, each with an individual anaesthesia induction area. All operating rooms have a specialized lighting system that has the capability to substantially improve visualization in the intervention area while eliminating the shading effect. In addition, the operating rooms are also fitted with laminar air-flow air-conditioning systems, significantly reducing any possibility of contamination.

The Operating Room includes state-of-the-art equipment, in particular, for minimally invasive and robotic surgery found in the“intelligent” room – and for neurosurgery – with the use of the neuronavigation system. Intra-operation ecography scans are available in all the rooms, including special probes for use in minimally invasive surgery. One of the rooms of the Operating Block is also equipped with intra-operation computerized tomography (CT). In addition to these resources, the Operating Block also has the most modern surgical instruments available.

The Operating Room maintains a space for carrying out immediate anatomical and pathological examinations. Experienced pathologists are in permanent residence at the hospital in order to provide this service. The Operating Room is also supported by a post-operative recovery unit with monitoring beds and a unit for washing, drying and sterilization of all the surgical equipment and material.

All the rooms have a video system that allows for the recording of all interventions, thus contributing to patient safety. In addition, the video system may also be connected to the auditorium, serving as a valuable resource in terms of training.