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    Medical specialty dedicated to the long-term physical health, emotional and social development of children and youth.

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        • Who is it for

        The Neonatal Special Care Unit is specifically designed for the special care of a newborn who has been subject to premature birth or illness. The objective of this unit is to provide the best health care while keeping the newborn near to his or her family, as much as possible.

        This unit, operating 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, is available for babies under 28 days old, born at Hospital da Luz or at other health units and referred to the Hospital da Luz ,or who have been referred to the unit by the Emergency Department.

        • Spaces and equipment
        The Neonatal Special Care Unit at the Hospital da Luz contains modern technological equipment supporting the provision of all necessary care for newborns who are premature, seriously ill and/or in need of medical or surgical interventions. The unit has four incubators with the possibility of assisted ventilation by way of:
        Nasal CPAP (nasal continuous positive airflow pressure) which provides respiratory support to newborn babies with breathing difficulties, thus reducing their respiratory effort, in a non-invasive manner.

        Conventional ventilator with ensured volume, used for more serious conditions, supporting ventilation of the newborn with parameters close to physiological values, and considering the weight at birth, thereby simulating normal breathing. 

        High-frequency ventilator, ventilation technique which uses short, very rapid frequencies.
        The equipment of the Neonatal Special Care Unit also includes:
        Infusion pumps, for the administration of fluids in a constant, precise fashion
        Cardiorespiratory monitors
        Pulse oximetry, for determining the saturation of oxygen in the blood
        Phototherapy apparatus for the treatment of newborns with jaundice
        In addition to the incubator room, the Neonatal Special Care Unit has a room set aside for nursing the baby, either by breastfeeding or bottle.
        • Team
        The Neonatal Special Care Unit is the responsibility of the Neonatology Unit. It is supported by a team of Neonatologist Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Therapists and other health professionals with vast experience in this area.
        • Visits
        In addition to the general rules of the Hospital da Luz and of the Maternity Ward, the Neonatal Special Care Unit has specific guidelines in place for visitors to the unit. These guidelines assure compliance with sterilization and safety standards and maintain the conditions needed for minimal disruption to the babies in the unit.
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