Day Surgery Hospital

Day Surgery Hospital

The Day Surgery Hospital at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa offers clients a convenient solution for receiving less complex health care services in a secure environment that contains all the technological and human resources of the Hospital making it the best  choice availablein the field.

The Day Surgery Hospital at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa provides scheduled care to patients who need surgical interventions from all specialist areas, as well as special ambulatory exams and medical procedures for gastroenterology, pneumology and ophthalmology. The services are provided on an outpatient basis for those which do not require more complex surgical interventions or hospitalization over a 12 hour period. Operations in the Day Surgery Hospital are structured to provide high quality health services while maintaining patient safety at the forefront of all activities.

Regarding exams and special medical procedures, the Day Surgery Hospital has the latest generation equipment for diagnosis and treatment, able to carry out all the gastroenterology and pneumology techniques recommended today. There is a room dedicated to ophthalmology, the laser surgical treatment of myopia, hypermetropics and astigmatism (LASIK). The Day Surgery Hospital has eight individual areas for anaesthetic preparation and recovery, all equipped with cardiorespiratory monitoring. Patients having surgical interventions or exams under anaesthesia will experience superior conditions for safety, comfort and privacy. For patients submitted to interventions which do not need anaesthesia an environment adaptation room with four places is available.

Two of the examination rooms of the Day Surgery Hospital are equipped with a video system, allowing interventions to be recorded or connected to the projection system in the auditorium, thereby constituting a valuable resource in terms of training.

The Day Surgery Hospital is located on Level 1 of the Hospital da Luz Lisboa, with access from the main entrance and from the car park through lift group A or the escalator.