Aerospace Medicine - Medical Certification

Aerospace Medicine - Medical Certification

At Hospital da Luz Lisboa, it is possible to perform the medical evaluation of civil aviation personnel.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa has physicians with competence in Aerospace Medicine, certified and recognized as Authorized Medical Aerospace Examiners by the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), which are qualified to evaluate the medical condition of civil aviation personnel, in accordance with the International Regulation, namely Regulation (EU) nº 1178/2011 of the European Commission, from November 3, which establishes the technical requirements and administrative procedures for civil aviation flight crews, and in conformity with Regulation (EC) nº 216/2008 of the European Council and Parliament.

Presently, it is possible to make the following evaluations and exams, at Hospital da Luz Lisboa:

  • Class 1 revaluation/renewal medical examination – Commercial pilot, multi-crew pilot, airline pilot, private pilot with qualification for instrument flight
  • Class 2 initial and revaluation/renewal medical examination – Light aircraft pilot, private pilot, glider pilot, balloon pilot
  • Initial and revaluation/renewal medical examinations of cabin crew with emission of cabin crew medical report

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