International Insurance

International Insurance

Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras has agreements with international insurers.

We hold agreements with many international insurers and other organizations who manage health benefits for their members. Our call center can tell you if we accept your insurance. If we do not have an agreement with your insurer, tell us, and we will contact them directly in order to help facilitate access to Hospital da Luz Oeiras. Please contact to suggest an insurer.

International insurers often have health networks in each country where they have members in order to facilitate access to hospitals and clinics that provide quality care. When the insurer develops an agreement with the hospital or clinic, usually a direct billing arrangement is established for inpatient and sometimes ambulatory care. This often substantially reduces the out-of-pocket requirement for the client at the time of service as well as the necessity to complete additional paperwork for reimbursement requests to the insurer. Personal expenses or extra services requested for the comfort of the client are usually paid by the client at the time of discharge.

To access services included in direct billing arrangements at Hospital da Luz Oeiras, clients with international insurance should always request a Guarantee of Payment letter (also known as Terms of Responsibility or Pre-authorization) from their insurer (or other payer). The Guarantee of Payment letter will indicate the health services you are eligible to receive according to your specific health plan, the percentage or amount you are required to pay before admission (including any co-payments or deductables, if applicable), and the amount that may be billed directly to the insurer.

Bring the Guarantee of Payment letter, your insurance membership card (if applicable), and picture identification card to the clinic on the day of the appointment or inpatient admission. If the insurer’s guarantee letter is not available prior to admission, you may be asked to provide an advance deposit, based on the anticipated charges of the services to be provided. The deposit will be returned to you upon confirmation of coverage from the insurer. Throughout your care, the clinic will communicate with your insurance company as needed in order to support a seamless service for you.