SIC Notícias TV Show “10 minutos com” Invites José Luís Passos Coelho

José Luís Passos Coelho, director of the Oncology Centre from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and director of the Oncology Service from Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, participated, on October 19, in the TV Show “10 minutos com”, in channel SIC Notícias, to talk about breast cancer.

The oncologist from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and HBA, specialist in this oncologic pathology, highlighted the importance of the proximity and cooperation between doctors and researchers in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer, considering the fast rate of evolution of knowledge concerning this disease, in the last decades.

He talked about the study developed by the Portuguese Association for Cancer Research on the designated “Portuguese founder mutation”, a variant of breast genetic mutation tumor, occurring almost exclusively in Portuguese patients.

As Passos Coelho explained in the interview, broadcasted on October 19, in the scope of the World Breast Cancer Awareness Day, this study involved a survey of cases identified with that specific genetic mutation, and concluded that even patients diagnosed in other countries had some kind of connection to Portugal (are Portuguese or have Portuguese ancestors).

Watch the interview here (PT)