Hospital da Luz - Clínica de Oeiras provides health screenings for students at the Carlucci American International School of Lisbon

The Carlucci American International School of Lisbon (CAISL), situated in Alcabideche, is offering their students from several academic years free vision and hearing screenings during February and March, 2014. The school selected Hospital da Luz – Clínica de Oeiras to perform the screenings on site at the school with specialized technicians in audiology and optology from the clinic. Approximately 150 students will receive the service (provided in English and Portuguese).

Hearing and vision screenings promote early detection, diagnosis and treatment of children with hearing and vision problems. Because learning is mostly accomplished through the senses of vision and hearing, CAISL is offering these screenings help to identify barriers that would impair a child’s ability to learn. Early identification and treatment can prevent or at least alleviate many of the problems that result from impaired hearing or vision. Screening is the most practical approach to identifying children in need of professional services.

Hospital da Luz – Clínica de Oeiras performs health screenings on site at schools approximately 4-5 times a year. In addition, the clinic offers free hearing and vision screenings to children ages 6-10 at the clinic annually from September through November in support of a successful start for the new school year.