Hospital da Luz Department of Psychiatry has new psychogeriatrics expert

The psychiatric team at Hospital da Luz will be boosted with the arrival of a new specialist. Pedro Silva Carvalho is a psychiatrist specialising in psychogeriatrics who will start working at the Hospital da Luz from 23 February, enhancing the quality and diversity of hospital provision in this area.

Psychogeriatrics - or psychiatry dedicated to the psychiatric disorders of old age - constitutes a different area within general psychiatry which pays special attention to the specific characteristics of elderly patients. Psychogeriatrics has experience in dealing with various psychiatric disorders that predominate in the elderly, who are often polymedicated patients with cognitive deficits or dementia.

Psychogeriatrics treats depression and other disorders in the elderly, problems associated with the end of life, behavioural aspects associated with cognitive impairment and dementia, among other psychiatric disorders of old age. The aim is to tend safely and carefully to the minds of those who are becoming an ever greater and more significant proportion of the population in developed countries.

Portugal has more than two million people over 65, a result of increasing life expectancy and improving health conditions in the country. For this reason medicine must continually search for something new, to be able to offer the most appropriate health solutions for this section of the population. Hospital da Luz, in its ongoing mission to serve patients in accordance with the best and most modern medical practices, will now be able to respond better in the area of ​​psychiatry.

Pedro Silva Carvalho starts his work at the Hospital da Luz on 23 February, with psychiatric consultations every other Monday.