HBA Internal Medicine Service Organizes Meeting of Diabetes Studies Nucleus

The Diabetes SMellitus Study Nucleus from the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine organizes next April 7, in Peniche, its 5th thematic meeting, this time on diabetes and cardiovascular risk.

The meeting is organized by the Internal Medicine Service from Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA), the president of the event being one of its coordinators, Francisco Araújo.

The most recent issues on the pathologies in question will be discussed: stroke in patients with diabetes, interventional cardiology, the role of new drugs for diabetes in cardiac insufficiency and peripheral artery disease.

António Martins Baptista, Bárbara Picado, Célia Machado, Fernando Martos Gonçalves, José Lomelino Araújo and Vera Matias, all from HBA, integrate the scientific committee of the meeting. Sessions will be presented and moderated by José Lomelino Araújo (director of HBA Internal Medicine Service) and Cristina Valadas (director of HBA Endocrinology Service), among others. Diogo Cunha e Sá (director of HBA Angiology and Vascular Surgery Service and Hospital da Luz surgeon in the units of Lisbon and Oeiras), José Luís Ducla Soares (Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de Lisboa) and Pedro Sarmento (Hospital da Luz Lisboa internist) integrate the panel of speakers.