Hospital da Luz Oeiras is a Prescription Center of Biological Therapy

Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras was certified as Prescription Center of Biological Therapy by the Portuguese Ministry of Health, thus being officially recognized in this field for its professionals and services competencies.

With this official recognition, Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras will have a multidisciplinary consultation service of autoimmune and inflammatory systemic diseases available, for the follow-up of patients with plaque psoriasis and intestinal inflammatory disease (adults and children). Furthermore, it will have medical and scientific records and protocols specifically established for these pathologies, ensuring medical services of excellence which were already a staple of this Luz Saúde unit.

Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras will also be connected to the national database concerning biological therapies, allowing the exchange of information and experience between practitioners and researchers, so as to improve knowledge in this field and provide better treatment to patients with such pathologies.

The present certification by the Ministry of Health will ultimately imply the annual audition and evaluation of Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras in this area by the Healthcare Administration (Direção Geral da Saúde).