Portuguese doctor directs Lisbon meeting with world experts in respiratory diseases

The next General Assembly of GARD - the WHO Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Disease - will be held in Lisbon on 3 and 4 July, and will be chaired by the Head of the Immunoallergology Department at Hospital da Luz, Dr Rosado Pinto.

The allergologist Dr Rosado Pinto is coordinator in Portugal of GARD - a voluntary group, created by the World Health Organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland, which brings together national and international organizations, health institutions and agencies engaged in improving lung health worldwide. This global alliance began work in March 2006 in China.

Dr Rosado Pinto will host representatives of these organizations in Lisbon from all over the world, and for two days they will set out the broad strategic lines for preventing, treating and combating respiratory ailments.

The Hospital da Luz doctor has been involved in this area for a long time, both nationally and internationally. He has been a consultant at the Portuguese Department of Health in the area of respiratory illnesses since 2008 and was, until 2012, Secretary-General of the allergology panel at the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes in Brussels, and the Portuguese representative of this organization.