Hospital da Luz Neurologist guest speaker at international congress

Raquel Gil-Gouveia, neurologist and coordinator of the Hospital da Luz Headache Center was the spokesperson for the Service Quality Evaluation group at the NGO Lifting the Burden ( which participated at the European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress (EHMTIC). This event took place in Copenhagen (Denmark) from 18 to 21 September.

At the congress, Raquel Gil-Gouveia was invited to present the work which the Service Quality Evaluation group, of which she is a member, has been conducting since 2008 to define what exactly constitutes the provision of quality medical care to people suffering from headaches. This work has already been published in international magazines.

Headaches are a common problem for a significant percentage of the population. They are one of the most frequent complaints at doctors' surgeries and significant cause of absenteeism.

The Lifting the Burden organization wages a global campaign against headaches and seeks to find practical solutions for this serious public health problem. It involves the World Health Organization (WHO), several NGOs as well as academic and research institutions. The involvement of the World Health Organization, maximizing its experience, contacts and resources allows this problem to be addressed and to propose and test possible solutions all over the world.

The European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress, which was held for the fourth time this year, has been organized sine 2008 by the Migraine Trust and European Headache Federation. Its global aims are to contribute to the education, awareness and improvement in the quality of life of people suffering from headaches. It is one of the main international events for physicians, researchers and other specialists working in headaches.