Prevention Against Measles

In the sequence of measles cases arising in the north of the country, the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health (DGS – Direção-Geral de Saúde) reinforced alerts on the potential consequences of the disease and issued the following recommendations:

  • Check your vaccination record booklet. If necessary, take the vaccine yourself and vaccinate your family.
  • If you have been in touch with a possible case of measles and have any doubts, contact the Health National Service, SNS 24 – 808 24 24 24.
  • If you have symptoms indicating measles (fever, cutaneous eruption, conjunctivitis, nasal congestion, cough), do not leave home and avoid contact with others. Call SNS 24 – 808 24 24 24.
  • Vaccination is the main measure of prevention against this disease and is free of costs.
  • The National Program of Vaccination recommends vaccination in two doses, at 12 months and at 5 years of age.

Remember, measles is one of the most contagious infectious diseases. Usually, it has a benign evolution, but in some cases it may become serious, especially in non-vaccinated subjects.
In vaccinated people, the disease may arise, but with a less severe and less contagious clinical situation.

According to DGS, the large majority of the Portuguese population is protected, for it was vaccinated and has already had the disease.
For the group immunity thus acquired, the probability of virus propagation is limited. However, non-vaccinated children and adults that are vulnerable to a severe evolution of the virus should be protected.