Hearing and vision screenings

At the beginning of a new school year, the Hospital da Luz - Clínica de Oeiras promotes hearing and vision screenings for children between 6 (or even six years to complete in 2014) and 10 years of age.

These screenings take place between September 11 and December 13, are free, and are subject to a number of places previously defined and performed by appointment.

Calendar of screenings:

  • Thursdays, between 15 and 19 pm 
  • Saturdays between 9.15 am and 12.45 pm (September 20 and 29, October 4 and 11, November 1, 14 and 29, and December 13)

Children detected with hearing or ophthalmic problems receive a report on the examinations for medical advice.

Appointments through the number 967 311 240